The early career of Pink

Pink at Los Angeles - February 2019

Many may have got used to her stage name Pink, but her real name is Alecia Beth Moore. Alecia ‘Pink’ was born in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Pink was the second born to Jim and Judy Moore, her lifestyle wasn’t that audacious as she typically experienced a largely typical middle-class life in a suburb of Doylestown. She also had it tough when her parents were divorced when she was 3 years old. The rebellious attitude from pink was sparked by her parents split and also the subsequent demise of her folks’ marriage. Pink is best known for her edgy pop music and she was famed for delivering a unique debutant album which was called “can’t take me home” back in the year 2000 and also merited supreme stardom stature as a co-vocalist on Lady Marmalade from the famed 2001 Moulin Rouge soundtrack. Fast forward her career a little bit and it came to a point that she consistently continued to churn out chart-topping hits like “F*ckin perfect” and raise your glass. These two songs were released in a period in 2010 which broke several records and pink considered them as some of her greatest hits.

But in August 2017, the pop star unveiled a hot new single called “what about us” this was her first release from her seventh studio album, Beautiful Trauma which went on to magnificently top the billboard 200 upon its release in October, along with making an unforgettable performance at the Grammys in late January. Pink was also selected to sing the national anthem at Super Bowl LII a few days later. Pink involves herself in other projects since she wrote songs for Cher’s album called ‘closer to the truth,’ ‘I walk alone’ and ‘lie to me’ in particular. She was also the writer for Celine Dion “recovery” hit song. But back in 2013, she gained some praise for her acting skills when she starred as a sex addict in “thanks for sharing.” Pink is also a mother to a baby boy, Jameson Moon, who turns 3 years in December 26.

Pink will feature at some various events especially in the upcoming month of March which seems like a busy month for the artist. On the 1st March, she will be at BB&T center, on 3rd March which will be a Sunday, pink will be at the Amalie Arena. Two days later after the Amalie Arena event, she will visit the Jacksonville veteran’s memorial in Jacksonville for her ongoing beautiful trauma world tour.

Despite her wild side in the game, the pop star has also brought her soft spot to the table, pink is an outspoken advocate for the LGBT community. She is also involved in (PETA) people for the ethical treatment of animals. Pink has gone through some hardships in life but they have only made her become a better person in life both in her music and personal livelihoods. She’s a loving mother and a talented pop artist that’s for sure, pink never really runs out of style.

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