Extremely sporty


Extreme sports also referred to as action sports and adventurous are the activities that are regarded as highly risky due to their deadly nature. Extreme sports are practiced most commonly for competitive purposes but if you want to spill the whole fun to yourself, you can make these sports to be one of your leisure activities. These sports gained popularity way back in the 1990s when it was bulked up by marketing companies with an aim to promote the X Games and when the Extreme sports Channel and Extreme Company launched. They often involve frightening speed, heights, high levels of physical exertion and specialized gears. As the name suggests, this sport is not for the faint-hearted but daredevils. Change is inevitable and as the years have passed on, the games have evolved to something much better and more entertaining.

Down the years we have had quite a number of people suffering from severe injuries as the showcase their extreme sports. But truth be told that basically anyone can practice these sports as long as the proper input and training is done. The big question is how do they do it but it’s as it seems improbable; it is never impossible only with the right training and you definitely need a bit of luck.

These sports can be classified according to where they are practiced, either on earth, water, snow, and ice or in air


Ranging from sky diving, jumping, base jumping, canyon swing, slingshot, paragliding, just name them. You can’t exhaust the endless list. Truth be told that if you fancy trying what most fear, you can try any of these sports just to quench our dark side


When it comes to water at least many have gotten the chance to try or even at least watch people perform live. The activities range from surfing, body boarding, cave diving, stand up paddle, cliff jumping, water balling, jet skiing, sailing, and much more. Daredevil guts you need to have in order to attempt any of these sports but what would make you not try these risky sports considering how fun sometimes they can turn out to be!

Snow and ice

As the name suggests, these sports are only available in parts of the globe where snow is available. Some examples include; ice climbing, skiing, dog sledding, monoskiing, heliskiing, the famous snowboarding ski touring, ice driving black country skiing, and much more.


Any time of the day and month, you will find loads of people practicing and spectating these sports. They involve the fascinating Motocross, BMX drifting, FMX, Course racing, skateboarding, longboarding, mountain boarding, sand boarding, mountain biking, off-road E-bikes, canyoning, orienteering, treetop ropes course and much more. Never doubt the excitement with any of these sports.

Important to note is that all extreme sports pose a great danger to human life and extreme caution should be taken. But with the right coaching, and when practiced at the right place, you just can’t get enough of the tale!

Jessicah James

Culture and sport have always been a point of interest for me from an early stage of my life, i simply enjoy the buzz and amazement's it coughs to our bare eyes.