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When we look to people who are “big shots” – scientists, celebrities, business owners, we tend to think that their lives are pretty easy. They make a lot of money,and we equate this to being successful. In reality, everyone has had to make sacrifices, and go through life in their own processes. It’s very difficult to navigate all of these paths by yourself, and our cultural “big shots” certainly have had a lot of help. Some of them try to give back by teaching us the same lessons they received so that we may create a better world. Several organizations have been around to quell the fears of confusion that come with business and life in general, and provide excellent insight and advice to anyone.

From topics on how to spot a pyramid scheme, to how to handle failure in business, TEDx conferences have been setting a precedent in how to effectively inform people of the hassles and mishaps that may come from starting a business, along from a wide variety of other topics. People come to these events to learn about happiness, what happens when you reply to spam emails, and even how to be an effective leader.These conferences are held all around the world at universities, high schools, and other large venues with the common goal of sparking new thinking and awareness. From the TEDx talks I’ve watched, I’ve learned the humorous pathways a conversation could go by replying to a spam email, but I’ve also learned that to be an effective leader, you have to take the blame for the mistakes your team members make, something I carry with me into my everyday life. Some events are united under a theme, but most aren’t. Each speaker is a certified professional in some field, or is an individual that has experienced something amazing that they need to share with as many people as possible. Events vary by location in terms of being able to attend these conferences, but most are open to the public, or cost very little for tickets. As of April 4, 2019, there have been 29,747 events, and almost all of them have been recorded and posted online.  If you’re unable to attend a TEDx event physically, you’ll certainly be able to watch it later on.

If you’re looking for more business-related advice, there are two more annual conferences that take place; the first is the Small Business Expo. Held in 10 major cities across America, these meetings are completely free to the public as long as you register for them. Typically after an opening speaker, visitors are encouraged to attend workshops and networking sessions to help improve their businesses. If you don’t live close enough to a major city, the Small Business Expo also holds Webinars for people to connect and collaborate online and get the same valuable information.

One final popular conference comes from the United States Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C. : the National Small Business Summit. Similar to the Small Business Expo, this conference has keynote speakers and networking opportunities, but sets itself apart with the masterclasses, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and even a D.C excursion to hear from The Main Street Ambassador program, which is a grassroots movement interested in protecting the rights of small businesses.

These conferences are effective and successful because each speaker is devoted to a cause, and passionately expresses what they’ve learned in order for others to grow mentally, socially, and emotionally.

Raegan Myers

I love reading and writing, and learning different perspectives on global culture in comparison to my own. Music and sports have been a part of my life ever since I was three, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.